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Should You Replace Your Mattress?: Get a Good Night's Sleep with a New Mattress

Mar 5

Check the length of time you've had your mattress before determining indications that it's wearing out. If you've used your current mattress for more than ten years and it's still in good shape, then it's likely time for a replacement.


How can you tell if your mattress needs a change?

Even if your mattress is older than seven years, it's still worthy of a replacement in Tucson. Here are some indicators of when it's time for the latest mattress.

1. Your mattress has become sagging.

Sagging is an indication that you should replace your mattress. Sagging is a condition that causes the memory foam or coils in a mattress to lose their form.

Notably, for overweight individuals with large indentions on their bodies, You can tell when the mattress is sinking due to the presence of a visible body smack in the mattress. If your old mattress Tucson isn't able to get back to its flat look after you stand up, a brand new Tucson mattress may be an alternative.


2. There Is A Lot Of The Noise That Your Mattress Produces

Replace your mattress if you hear any creaking, squeaking, or clicking sound. Ensure that you tighten all fasteners on the mattress or box spring to solve the issue. This is usually the case for mattresses with coils.

You may also notice that the coils of your mattress are beginning to wear down. This could mean that your mattress may not provide enough support.


3. The Smell of Your Mattress Is Bad

The most painful thing that could befall your mattress is that it may begin to smell. This is more likely if you live in humid areas.

You can look at your mattress and figure out when it's due to get a new one.


4. Mattresses can trigger allergies. And Asthma.

If they get too big of a problem, mold, mildew, and dust mites can trigger allergies. Your mattress might be the cause if you regularly awake with a runny nose, watery eyes, and a headache.

Allergy sufferers should consider mattresses made from hypoallergenic materials like natural latex or wool when looking for a new Tucson mattress. Be sure to read our guide on how to keep dust mites out of your home.


5. If you awake in the morning, it's most likely that you're experiencing pain.

Likely, your mattress is not offering the support and ease you once experienced.

Since your mattress may not be evenly dispersing weight, it could cause pain in your shoulders and neck. Your lower back may cause pain if you're not getting enough support.

It's not a wise idea to wake up in pain and ignore it. This could lead to the development of more severe issues. You should immediately shop for a mattress in your closest Tucson mattress shop if this is a concern.


6. It's Impossible to Get Used to Being Alley

If you find it difficult to fall asleep or stay asleep, it is an indication that your mattress is at its end.

Mattresses that make you throw and turn could be becoming uncomfortable and lack support. The mattress you are using is likely leading to frequent awakenings during the night.


7. Changing Your Mattress Makes You Sleep Better.

You might find that you're more comfortable when you sleep on a brand-new Tucson mattress. If you frequently wake up with a snoring nose or joint pain but don't experience these symptoms when staying in a hotel, your mattress may be the one to blame.

If you're worried that your mattress is nearing the close of its useful lifespan, You might want to think about trying an alternative mattress to see how you feel.



It should be easy to recognize when it's time to replace your mattress. If you're unsure whether your current mattress is suitable for you, try different mattresses to discover how they impact your sleeping habits. It's essential to make good the time to take care of your mattress before and after buying an upgrade to get the most out of it.

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